Screaning Plagiarism

Understand the policies and articles for BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI) in managing published articles.

Before the article is submitted to BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI), Authors can only post articles in BASIC : Journal of Elementary School Education if the article has never been published in another journal or other server.

After submission BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI) Indonesia Authors can share or post a display version of the articles they find on the website BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI) 

After being accepted in BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI) 
If a previous author posted a version of an article they found on one of the following websites, he or she would need to change the proposed version to BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI)  accepted version BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI) . No other changes can be made to the accepted article.

Last published
When an article is published, the version posted must be with full citations to BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI) , including DOI. He needs to replace the accepted version with the published version of the article from BASIC : Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI) 

Articles that have been submitted to the Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI) cannot be withdrawn, the editor has the right to reactivate them at any time for reprocessing.

lagiarism screening will be conducted by Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI). Editorial Board will not tolerate for any plagiarism. Articles published in Jurnal Serambi Ilmu (JSI)  should not exceed 20 percent similarity score.

Therefore, Author should check their article through plagiarism checker application. For instance, turnitin or something similar application or other applications.

If an article is indicated as a plagiary, it will be rejected and will not be reviewed.