The Serambi Engineering journal is published as a medium to distribute information on research results in the fields of engineering and science, both carried out by lecturers from the Serambi Mekkah University and from other parties. Published research can be in the form of field research or laboratory research as well as literature review. This journal is published four times a year, namely January, April, July and October.

Editors accept manuscripts that have never been published by any other media from lecturers, researchers, students and practitioners. Manuscripts submitted will be evaluated and edited for uniformity of format, terms and other procedures. 

The topics that can be published but are not limited are:

Water & Waste Water Quality
Solid Waste Management
Air Pollution Control
Environmental Health
Environmental Modeling
Environmental Management
Water Resources Management
Occupational Health & Safety
Renewable Energy
Circular Economics
Sustainable Development
Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Climate Change and Water Resources Adaptation
Urban Planning
Informatics Computer and Technology
Industrial Engineering