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Anggi Restu Pratama
Sofyan Sauri
Pupun Nuryani


This research is motivated by the character degradation that is happening at this time, one of which is the religious character of elementary school students. The Quran Reading Program is a Bandung Regency Government policy that aims to improve religious character as well as a forum for fostering students' religious character. Important religious character is instilled early because it will mean more to elementary school students, and it will help learners who can easily adapt to all of the major challenges of the day in the globalization that calls for Indonesian generations to fight against the challenges of the times, information technology and communication. The study aims to determine the planning, implementation process, evaluation, and obstacles and solutions carried out by religious teachers in improving religious character through the Quran Reading program. The method used in this study is a qualitative approach to case studies. The data-collection technique used was observation, interview, and documentation. The findings suggest that the development of the student's religious character through the elementary school program has been well carried out. This can be seen from planning through learning and various cultures, the implementation process that includes learning in the classroom and self-rearing, and the cognitive and affective evaluations ustadz or ustadzah does repair form so that the teaching school program can work better. The obstacle faced is the untamed role of religious teachers in developing the student's religious character, hence the solution is to improve the quality and strengthen the religious teacher's role in boosting the student's religious character.

Keywords: Development, Religious Character, The Teaching School Program

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