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Annisa Purwani


Learning is very important to be actualized to educate all people in this country, as well as to improve personal qualities in every human person. Learning does not look at age, until whenever learning / learning must be carried out. The Qur'an is the word of Allah which was revealed to the Great Prophet Muhammad SAW, among its goals is to become a guide and guidance for all mankind in this world. To understand the contents of the Al-Qur’an, in-depth study is needed. Among the basic knowledge of the Qur'an is the knowledge of how to read it properly and correctly. In order to avoid mistakes in reading these verses of Allah, it is very necessary/important for every human being to learn the science of recitation. The purpose of this service is to convey the learning of Tajweed through the book Al-Burhan at Majlis taklim Al-Hidayah in Soreang village. This service uses the Participatory Action Research (PAR) method. The steps in carrying out this service are the first: the researcher makes observations, documents and interviews. The subject of the research are the women of the Majlis taklim Al-Hidayah congregation. The results of this dedication are: 1). Memorise each Nadzhoman in order to make it easier to understand. 2). Lalaran reads each Nazhom in the book with a predetermined tone in order to make it easier, memorise and remember the Nadzhom that has been memorized. 3). Applying it in the verses of the Qur'an to the verses read in the recitation.

Keywords: Assistance, Tajwid science, Nadoman method.

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