• Muhamad Fahmi Hidayat
  • Annisa Purwani


Arabic has a very close relationship with the Indonesian people since Islam entered this country. Arabic is used to pray, worship and deepen their knowledge of Islam. The influence of Arabic is so thick with the Indonesian nation, it is used to be able to understand and master the teachings of Islam, considering that Arabic is the language used in the primary texts of Muslims, namely the Qur'an and hadith as well as secondary texts such as fiqh, morality and and so on and other sciences. Thus, to be able to read and understand Arabic language literature, one must at least master the supporting sciences, namely Nahwu and Sharaf Sciences. Because with the knowledge of nahwu and shorof, children will be more fluent in Arabic or study the yellow book and to keep their mouths so that they are not mistaken in pronouncing Arabic pronunciation, it will be easier to understand the language of the Koran and hadith. With the recitation of the yellow book, in which the yellow book uses Arabic, which in words does not use a vowel, so to know the correct vowel, children must be familiar with the science of nahwu and shorof. So that children can understand Arabic grammar properly, so that children in the meaning of Arabic are not mistaken. The problem that is happening at Majlis al-Hidayah in Cuhanjawar village today is that many children do not know about nahwu and shorof science. Therefore, researchers were asked by ustadz who teach at majlis taklim al-hidayah to find suitable learning methods to practice as an effort so that children can recognize and understand the science of nahwu and shorof. In the end the researcher chose the nahwu shorof learning method with the singing method. The nahwu and shorof learning method through the singing method is a learning method that makes it easier for nahwu and shorof to be presented in a practical and interesting way. So that students can learn to understand the science of nahwu shorof comfortably and pleasantly. The research methodology used is Action Research (PAR). PAR has three main pillars, namely the research methodology, the action dimension, and the participation dimension. That is, PAR is implemented with reference to certain research methodologies, must aim to encourage transformative action, and must involve many parties as PAR implementers themselves. based on research results for approximately 14 days, children at Majlis Taklim Al-Hidayah can follow the steps conveyed by the companion properly. Assistance in learning Nahwu Sharaf using the singing method is also able to improve children's memory of learning Nahwu Sharaf. As well as children are very happy to have new knowledge and learning, namely learning nahwu and shorof science through the singing method, children also really like the method presented because children become easy to accept knowledge and understanding, with the singing method also the children of the majlis taklim students Al-Hidayah quickly received an understanding even though there were some students of the Majlis Taklim Al-Hidayah who were still small and needed a little extra time to memorize the material, but overall the children of the Majlis Taklim Al-Hidayah students were able to take part in the nahwu and shorof science learning programs very well ..

Keyword : Assistance, Learning Nahwu Sharaf, Singing