• Siti Fitriati
  • Nuruddin
  • Eva Leiliyanti


The purpose of this study is to obtain the value of character education in the "warahan" oral literature in Lampung society. Warahan oral literature is one of the media that can be used for the formation of character education values. Moreover, warahan oral literature has started to become extinct and is not recognized by today's younger generation. The research approach uses qualitative content analysis methods. The data is taken from the sentences in the warahan oral literature as many as 7 warahan which are still used by parents in the Lampung community, especially in the Jabung sub-district entitled kisah eppakanakkhajo, kisah si praul, kisahasu, kucingjamokaming, kisah manguh jamo iwo belido kiyai sekhatu jammi, sejarah batu lesung jaman benatang lagi panai cawo, cerito asal muasal masyarakat jabung lampung timur, kisah temengung putak. The data analysis procedure used in this research is qualitative content analysis. Checking the validity of this research data is done through credibility, transferability, triangulation, dependability, and confirmability. The findings show that Warahan's oral literature has taught character values that are relevant to character education values as determined by the government in the administration of education. The values found in the Warahan literature of the Jabung community in Lampung are the love of the motherland, religion, national spirit, social care, responsibility, and hard work. Another finding that illustrates the value of character education in this warahan is respect for fellow human beings, and concern for and love of local culture because many young people have forgotten local culture such as warahan's oral literature. This finding has implications for our understanding as a society to preserve warahan culture and make warahan a learning medium.

Keywords: Character Education, Oral Literature, Warahan